Evangelist Dag Heward Mills’ Good Friday
Service 2023: My Experience

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills was in Accra again this year for what has become a tradition, the Good Friday Healing & Miracle Service at Accra Independence Square. This is the 9th year of the event. In 2020 and 2021, the event was not held at the Independence Square, the world’s second largest square, due to the COVID pandemic. Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary.

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills message was titled The Cross of Jesus. This sacrifice of The Cross was not just for us to have blessings, he preached. Any Christian teaching that only emphasised blessings is a misrepresentation of the Gospel, he emphasised. A Christian life requires that one turn from their past life of sin to a life ordered by Jesus and the Word of God.

As a member of the church and having attended many of the Evangelist’s Healing and Miracle Services this 2023 version still had a refreshing experience and feel to it.

good friday miracle service drone shot

This is not a transistor board; the congrega1on seated at the Good Friday Healing & Miracle Service with Dag Heward Mills ©2023

5 things occurred to me as I attended, listened, and enjoyed the 2023 Good Friday Miracle Service with Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills.

  1. The Numbers: Over 100,000 seats arranged for the event were all filled by members of the Evangelist’s Churches in the Greater Accra Region. All the stands at the Independence Square were also filled with congregants. This is a sizable and influential crowd and confirmed here that the Church continues to be a large and positive presence in the region and across the country. With members and churches in all the regions of the country this confirms the church’s continuing relevance in the country only grows.
  2. The Number of Youth: Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills’ churches are known for their youthful congregations. That so many will gather from their locales to the Independence Square for church is a good report. The church’s continuing positive influence in these lives is hope for our country, for a generation that is upright, and that will work to take the society in a righteous direction.
  3. Global Reach: Evangelist Dag Heard-Mills’ ministry is truly global now, operating on all five continents in the world, and even in the Pacific Islands of Papua New Guinea and Fiji, from where members joined this year’s Good Friday Miracle Service through online platforms. This is a truly global organisation, started in Korle-Bu, Accra. It shows that from here, we have the wisdom and leadership to build truly global successes.
  4. The Order & Organisation: Public events in Ghana are usually multiplied and personified mayhem. The Good Friday Miracle Service with Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills was a masterclass in crowd management. When I have attended Presidential Swearing Ceremonies at this venue in the past, the crowds have been impossible to control. This year’s Good Friday Miracle Service showed that the Ghanaian can be orderly, and large crowds can be controlled. The 1000+ Dancers and their coordinated, beautiful, and lyrical movements were a joyous reminder.
  5. The Healings & Miracles: Many testified of healings and miracles throughout the event. One that struck me, and left a lasting impression was a young lady who said that she had wanted to overdose on drugs and die. As she attended the event last year, the prayers over her life lived the suicidal cloud. She attended the 2023 event, free and was living a happy, full life. Jesus is alive!

You may watch the full Good Friday Miracle and Healing Service with Evangelist Dag-Heward Mills on his YouTube and Facebook channels.